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Volume Lash & Permanent Makeup Artist

   Rachel             Owner                Southlake, TX

First and foremost, I absolutely love what I do!  I've been a hard worker my entire life, but never found my true passion until I entered the world of permanent makeup and lash extensions.  After my 2 kids entered elementary school, I wanted to fill that void with a hobby to keep myself mentally productive.  Eyebrows were the big trend at the time and I became fixated on finally having the solution to my overly plucked brows that the 90's left me with.  It was a game changer for me and instantly gave my face a more youthful look.  It was the lightbulb moment that launched me into multiple extensive permanent makeup training programs.  After becoming a licensed tattoo artist specializing in permanent makeup, I enrolled in cosmetology school to obtain my Eyelash Extension Specialty License.  My lash goal was to go big or go home.  I didn't just want to learn the basics.  I made it my mission to learn how to do handmade volume lash fans, which naturally morphed into mega volume lash extensions.  Fast forward several years later to today and I find myself in a position that I had originally dreamed of.  This is a true hobby-turned-passion artistry that has never felt like a job.  I also can't express in words how lucky I feel to have the BEST clients on the planet.  I have a special bond with every single client and I'm so grateful to them.

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